Jeet Kune Do Seminar - 2024

Highlights, experiences, and insights into using no way; as way and having no limitation; as limitation…

Over the course of 4-days, our students experienced the teachings of Bruce Lee’s very own Jeet Kune Do (JKD), demonstrated by Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph, president of Jerry Poteet Jeet Kune Do Association (JPJKD) with a direct lineage to the legend himself, Bruce Lee.

Seminar insights

Students learned about;

  • Catching beats of time
  • Broken Rhythm

Amongst many other JKD applications including three speeds of JKD and secret power principles.

    Catching beats of time

    Referring to combat beats of time in JKD, students learned and practiced how to combine 3 or 4 separate movements into 1 whole.

    Take a Hook Kick for example…

    Move 1 – Back leg moves towards the front leg

    Move 2 – Front leg raises

    Move 3 – Slight hip turn with leg extending

    all became one move (or one motion), without intention, therefore catching the beat of time. One motion without any pausing in-between. By applying ‘’catching beats of time’’ to each JKD application, students were able to strike and kick faster.

    Broken Rhythm

    In pairs, students also practiced the ‘’broken rhythm’’ JKD application, using focus mitts. Primarily focusing on ‘straight punch’ with the lead hand (1) followed by a rear hand cross (2), followed by another lead hand straight punch (3).

    3 strikes in total, applying the broken rhythm throughout. What do we mean by broken rhythm? That no strike is ever the same.

    1,2,3 (striking one after the other)

    1,2…..3 (striking one, two –break rhythm– followed by a quick three)

    1….2,3 (striking one –break rhythm-, followed by a quick two, three)

    During the seminar, students also worked on three speeds of JKD, secret power principles and reaction times.

    Always requiring pure focus and awareness, ensuring every student took the opportunity to catch beats of time, stay unpredictable by breaking their rhythm whilst keeping up their speed and as Sifu Fran mentioned ‘’explosive power’’.

    What did our students think?

    ‘’Incredible experience and training from the best of the best. Very fortunate and grateful to have been taught by Sifu Fran and to get to hear incredible moments / memories shared by Sifu Fran about Jerry Poteet and Bruce Lee. A huge thank you to Norm for organising / hosting the seminar and to everyone else within this family for making this weekend one to remember.’’ - Andrea

    Seminar highlights

    Sifu Norm Willis – Zen Combat Fitness

    After years of hard work, pure dedication, and his interest & passion for Jeet Kune Do, Sifu Norm Willis has received his full Jeet Kune Do Instructor Certification. Officially becoming the third generation of Bruce Lee's students - carrying on such an important legacy.

    What an incredible moment this was for all of us at Zen.

    Photo featuring Sifu Norm Willis being awarded his full JKD Instructor Qualification by Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph.

    More certifications…!

    Amongst Norm, other students received their instructor qualifications ranging from Level 1 to fully certified, including;

    • Caroline
    • Valerie
    • Terry
    • Andrea

    Photo featuring JPJKD Instructors; (L-R) Norm Willis, Fran Poteet-Joseph, Terry, Caroline and Valerie.

    Private Training

    Students had an incredible opportunity to privately train with Sifu Fran the day before and the day after the seminar. Providing more opportunities to learn, practise and narrow down to the bare essentials of Jeet Kune Do.

    Special Thank you to Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph...a great martial artist and a friend

    A huge thank you to Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph for travelling all the way from Beverly Hills to share her knowledge of Bruce Lee’s very own Jeet Kune Do. We are grateful not just for this weekend’s seminar but also to be part of JPJKD Association and thankful that Sifu Fran is carrying on such an incredible legacy – all around the world.

    Important Information


    Sunday Martial Arts Class


    Sunday's Martial Arts Class Session (10:00 - 12:00) is taken a temporary detour from Sunday 3rd March 2024 until further notice.

    This is due to the gym being used for filming / completing the Instructor's Hatton Boxing Course, as part of developing the instructor's skills further.

    Other class sessions during the week (incl. Saturday) remain as normal. Please see class time table below.

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